David R. Cameron MAICD

Director CTFD Group Pty Ltd


David has been involved with the construction industry for 35 years and has a vast experience in taking projects from start to finish and meeting the full satisfaction of the client.


David was a key part of the original building system concrete tilt up in the early 80's.


David took up directorship of Container Track Freight Developments in 2004, continued as Director when the rebranding took place from Container Track Freight Developments to CTFD Group Pty Ltd which was an abbreviated name change only.


•  David is sole Director of CTFD Group Pty Ltd.

•  David held a Directorship of Macquarie Group Developments Pty Ltd from 2010-2020.

•  David is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

•  David is a member of the National Trust.

•  David is a member of the Australian Racing Drivers Club.


To us it's about working with you the Client and to utilise our specialised skills including design management, project planning and project management and delivery. The challenge into reality is what drives our team at CTFD Group Pty Ltd.